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Types of Fuels

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Has anyone tried different types of fuels "87, 89, or 91 octane" to see if the is a difference in performance or mileage.
With the price of fuel going up each day it might be nice to save a little money if it would NOT hurt the motor...

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I have used each and did not notice any difference.

I have a Corvette and have always used 94 octane Sunoco. When I have had to use octane under 90, there is pinging occasionally.

Can't believe $2/tank would make a difference for a $76000 car, but then again, maybe you live in California.
Fuel Types

The XLR is designed to run perfectly fine on 87 grade Unleaded fuel. But if you want the optimal performance It is sugested to use the high grade of 92-94 octane depending on whats available in your area.
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