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Trunk won't open

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Have an intermitent problem with my trunk not opening, even the key won't open it. After sitting for 1 hour to overnight, it starts working again. Have had the car for 6 weeks and this has happened 3 times. Yesterday I was able to show the dealership the problem, but after sitting overnight everything is working again.

Any ideals ???
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First time this problem has appeared on these boards that I know of. I'd suggest you let the dealer handle it, especially now that they were able to see it first hand.

You can also contact your Cadillac Personal Assistant and report the problem so it gets logged into that process. I've had very good experiences with my PA, Mezzie.
That sounds suspiciously like a problem with the latch mechanism, but your dealer would be the only one to be able to diagnose it. I suggest that you ask your dealer (politely, of course) if they have consulted with Cadillac tech support and what they were told.

Based on what I have read, the latch mechanism and when to activate it was one of the big integration headaches. However, your problem is the first I've heard in this area with a production XLR.

Does any action occur when you try to open the trunk? Does the top up/down work properly? Do the doors open properly at the same time the trunk won't open?
Rebooted - Wait and See

Just picked up my XLR from dealership - The mechanic called Cadillac tech support
and they had no ideal how to fix trunk problem, since it started working again there was nothing to diagnose. The computer logged the fact the the trunk previously failed, but nobody had an ideal of what to do. The mechanic and I decided to reboot and see if that fixed the problem, since no one else is reporting this malfunction. We also decided that if this happens again, more drastic action needs to be done.

To clarify the problem, it has happened twice with the top up and once when the top was down (the top would not go up because the opening of the trunk is the first action). I don't think that the top mechanism is at fault, the probem is only with the trunk.

Thanks to all the replies, hope no one else has this problem.
A SUGGESTION would be to check the switch on the console and replace it as a as a precaution. The connections could be bad and its real easy to get to before more drastic actions are taken.

Stay close to home in case of rain.


With the XLR having a data bus rather than dedicated lines, I would be surprised if it were the switch. See if this makes sense...

The smart switch sends a signal to a processor. It is the processor that then sends another signal to the trunk latch, followed by the hydraulic system to open the trunk.

When the top up command is given via that switch, Moritzd said the trunk also did not operate. That would seem to eliminate the trunk open console switch. Also playing into this are a number of sensors (many of which are *not* actually switches) that indicate to the system the current position of the trunk. One of those could also be a culprit.

That the system recognized that the trunk would not open also indicates that the console smart switch sent the command to open the trunk. Otherwise it would not have logged an error.

Unfortunately the easiest way to find the problem may be to let the trunk fail completely so that the symptoms can be tracked. In this case I would strongly urge that Moritzd be familiar with the manual up/down procedures in the owners manual. It never hurts to be ready...
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Trunk / Top - it happened again

Trunk stopped working again on Saturday, top was down. Trunk started working Sunday but the top still wouild't go up. Took the car to the dealership today, the mechanic called this afternoon and said that the problem was with the top/trunk control module(the brains). This all sounds very encouraging to me and I hope to have my lovely car back on Wednesday. As a precautionary measure the mechanic and I will go through the manual top up procedure when I pick up the car. I am recovering from rotator cuff surgery and unsucessfully tried to do the procedure this weekend, I think you need two good arms.

Would suggest that all XLR owners know how to manually raise the top!
same thing

Same problem with me, the top would not go up...My problem started in January right after taking delivery. The top would not go down. The first trip to the dealership the tech had to recalibrate the top, for some reason the calibration was loosing its' memory. The 2nd time it happened the tech was told it had to epoxy the sensors, the 3rd time the top would not go down he replaced all the sensors in the truck. The top has worked perfect for 6 weeks. On Friday the top would not go up. The diagnostis showed that the top was not calibrated. The called the factory while I was there and spoke with Mr. Len Tillard, he was unsure of why this was happening . We are now waiting on a call back from the top manufactor. This makes two of us with similar problems, anyone else?
top update

I left my car at the dealer all day yesterday for them to anyalize the top. My Mechanic had a Mr. Carl Klugh an engineer with the company that built the top on the phone for over an hour trying to determine why this was happening. After raising and lowering the top over 50 times the problem did not reoccur. No one can pin point why the sensors loose their value. I was told that maybe after the next failure they will have better luck. Later that day Mr Len Tillard with the factory XLR team called to express his concern. He advised if need be they will send a factory team to the dealer if need be. I just have to wait and see... :mad
Happened to me

I thought I remembered this thread.

The top on my XLR (2 month old and 1000 miles) got stuck half way when I was putting it down. My finger was on the button the entire time.

After it stopped and stayed there for a few seconds, I released the button and re-engaged it twice, then the top continued to retract into the trunk.

I have since put it up and down several times without difficulty.

Could this be the same calibration problem mentioned here?

Anyone else continuing to have problems with top, particularly getting stuck half way (I'd rather have it not start to work at all, rather than stop half way).

Guess I will review the manual operation of the top, however, when I read through it the first time, it is not very clear in the oweners manual.
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no problem since

No problem with the top operation since my last visit to the dealership. The only thing they did at that time was recalibrate. If your poblem persist keep us informed..good luck
Level surface

I think I figured out one part of the trunk/top getting stuck.

When trying to lower the top over the weekend, mine stopped in mid-function. Wouldn't budge.

I pulled it into the garage to check and then it worked.

I checked the manual and found the small print "make sure you are on a level surface".

My driveway is not that steep, but apparently this is a critical issue when lowering/raising the top (must be a balance thing).

Remember, only on a level surface if you want to minimize issue with the top.
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