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Trip Range and Dash Fuel Gauge

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Today I punched the range option on my XLR which indicated a range of 78 miles yet my dash dial indicated almost 3/4 full tank. Has anyone had calibration problems between the two? Is there a reset process? What is the max range for the car with a full tank of gas? The car is new and has 200 miles on it. Thanks!
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I've had no problems with the range feature. It is my default setting on the panel. My only complaint is that occasionally it goes back to the odometer and I have to re-set it back to range.
Get used to single digit gas mileage (if you drive like I do :) . Best "highway" range has been about 250 miles per tank for my Feb XLR.

At 4,000 miles my engine's barely broken in. Your mileage may improve once your engine is broken in.

Also, the range should reset every time you fill the tank, but if you were standing in traffic for an hour before the fill up, the computer will calculate 4 mpg (guess) until you've driven a while at a better mpg. I have seen the number go up very slowly when switching from city to highway driving.
Trip report

First road trip in our XLR from Houston to Dallas and back on I-45.

We traveled to Dallas this weekend to visit son, daughter-in-law and 14 month old grandson. Son works for BMW and arranged for an "at cost" deal to have Invisishield put on the XLR's nose, headlights and foglights.

Being paranoid about picking up a stone, I set the adaptive cruise at 73 on the way up, and basically got passed by everyone on the road. Virtually no braking, or speed adjustments - just steady state cruise. Fuel consumption was an almost incredible 24.6 MPG!

On the way back south, I was feeling more courageous. I set the Adaptive cruise for a more agressive 86 mph, and one lonely stretch hit 110. Rock solid tracking, the Bride scarcely noticed the speed change. Fuel consumption on average for the return was 22.3 mpg!!

When the XLR pulled into the BMW dealer, the showrooms emptied out to come see it. No one was looking at that new 645i convertible.

Very, very :cool
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I checked my mileage again this weekend driving from the Central Valley to Carmel. Pretty good mix of highway, stop and go plus climbing the hills over to the coast. Average was right at 21.8 mpg
Range function

I got a similar "Low Range" indication immediately after a fill up on Saturday. After filling my tank, I reset the mileage indicator and pulled out on the street.
I was unhappily met by traffic that was completely stopped, where I sat for 10 minutes, gnashing my teeth.

Frustrated, I looked down and saw "Low Range" and thought about this thread.

I knew that engineering degree would come in handy some day! You see, 0 mpg times 20 gal equals 0 miles. That would be "Low Range". Once we got in motion the range feature straightened out. :yesnod

Don't understand why your Xlr's are getting such low gas milage. Mine recently got 31.7 mpg My average for a 12,000 trip was 26.8 my driving speed was any where from 152mph to average of 78 mph. no tickets. no brake squeal, no top problems, guess I've got a lemon. I also put a Invisishield on mine before the trip. got plenty of bugs, but no rock chips. mine was costly, about $250.00 and a six pack of beer. well worth it.
Fuel Comsumption calculus

Fuel consumption is affeced by a variety of factors. BUDSVET you probably have the best indication of an overall road mileage indication over a variety of terrain and altitudes. I am very impressed with the fuel consumption on my XLR.

Ultimately the calculation is miles driven divided by gallons used. If Dadonator is really getting 9 mpg in NYC, it is probably because he's driving 10 mph, stop and go, light to light, with lots of stops.

A guy at 5000 feet in Denver or even higher in the Rockies is just going to get worse mileage than I am at sea level (less O2 up there).

I would say your XLR is not a lemon, amigo. :thumbs Glad you like the Invisishield. You got a better deal than I did. Mine was $650, and no six-pack. They did a portion of the hood, fenders, front end, front bumper, headlights, fog lights, mirrors and the trailing edge of the wheel wells.
Thanks and got the math - I just used the first tank and refilled last night - the range issue apparently has corrected itself - I no longer have a full tank w/a 75 mile range. Thanks!!
the "range" is calculated based on the Avg. Mpg, when you reset the avg. mpg the system does not have enough "data" to calculate a good range. If you have been doing a lot of city driving and your overall mpg is low, the range will be lower...
you guys make me :puke

I'm avg 13.8 :cry
Here's how to fix it.

Fill up, reset the mileage indicator, set the adaptive cruise control, and put that puppy on the 5, headed towards La Jolla. I'll bet the mileage improves.

If nothing else, it'll get your head right. :thumbs
Great advice :rolleyes but Too much stop- n-go on I-5 :nono

how about 101 north :cool ...if I make it to Pebble Beach on 2 tanks.....
who cares about the MPG???? :thumbs

fill up, reset, cc, main squeeze, top down, hack code, see ya! :seeya
Adios amigo

Now you've got it! :seeya In Pebble Beach you might be able to hook up with mswaim, and take a pic of both of those Crimson Pearl rides.

Now THAT would attract some attention, guys.
How about a cruise from San Diego, New Port Beach, through Costa Mesa and over to LA? Take a ferry with the XLR over to Catalina Island as well!! Cool stuff! :thumbs
Anyone who is willing to make the road trip to Carmel is in store for the best meal the town has to offer on me! It will be worth it to park two or more XLR's on Ocean Blvd. :cheers :thumbs
Taking a ferry to Catalina sounds fantastic. No traffic, ocean views everywhere you drive, perfect weather... I've lived in SoCal my who life, been to Catalina countless times and never thought of doing that. Have you even done it? I thought they restrict cars to residents there. If not, book me a hotel room and a spot on the ferry!

Hey, what's invisishield?
I'm a So Cal native too and never heard of taking the car to Catalina.
I'd double check the advice from Bucks County PA before you book that hotel ;)
I need more open road than that anyway....Carmels the ticket! :thumbs
Ha! I thought I would get you Cali's going with that! No, only took the cat from Newport Beach over there - never a car but I bet it would be wonderful if you could do that. I get out to Cali once a month on business and have done the catalina run a few times. Who knows might be a retirement gig ... boats and XLR's...hmm sounds pretty good to me!!!! :thumbs :D :thumbs
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