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Trapped One!

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Our XLR caught its first victim on Saturday...

Last Saturday my wife and I got married. We went to a hotel in downtown Houston for a mini-honeymoon (with the real one at a later date). When we pulled up, the usual head doorman-type decided to see if he could make some additional money by offering one of the prime valet parking spots for some extra cash. I mentioned that I wanted to go and check-in first and then we could discuss it. I then shut off the engine.

As we got out, I saw the head-doorman get in but didn't notice that he had closed the door. Of course, I still had the fob. I realized later that the gentleman was going to pull the XLR into one of the prime spots and then hope that persuaded me to pay the extra price. When he closed the door, he first couldn't figure out how to start the XLR and then realized that because he closed the door, there was no way out of the XLR (he didn't see the floor handle). He had to motion to someone else to find me because he was stuck.

I came back out and opened the door. He was a very confused person! Anyway, we ended up self-parking in a parking garage that was connected to the hotel. Much safer that way for everyone involved! Thought everyone might enjoy the laugh - just glad he didn't try to kick out a window.
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I feel yor pain and I agree that you do not valet park your XLR. You done good in taking your XLR back and parked it yourself.

I've talked all of our frequently visited places in town w/valet parking to park it myself, them them and they don't touch.

XLR & Marriage

Just wanted to wish you all the best, Congrats
Downtown DC

Since all the places I go with valet parking are in downtown DC, I leave the XLR at home and take the SUV.
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