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Traction Control Module Problem

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I've placed a tag under Power Control Module post by clee85 that gives the details of my never ending saga. I'm looking for any assistance from anyone to solve my problem. My XLR sits at the dealer needing a Traction Control Modlue (TCM). I'm told that GM has no replacement TCM's in the United States and don't know when they will be available. The vendor of this part appears to be in France and doesn't reply. If your XLR keeps up shifting to 5th gear and staying there, this is what they tell me is the problem. You can barely pull away from a stop sign. If your going up hill ----forget it, you're stuck. The switch to manual control doesn't work and you can't turn the traction control off. I can't find anyone at GM that really wants to find this part. The response is - it's been ordered now wait. No one has any idea how long it will take.
I fell in love with this car back in '99 and when GM announced it was going into production I knew I was getting one. I couldn't find a dealer willing to take my order until 11/3/02. Then it took 363 days to get it, only to drive less than 10 miles before a major problem with it. I'm now at 19 days and counting and still don't have it repaired. Help!!!:banghead :banghead :banghead
I don't even think the dealer is sure that the PCM is the problem.
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It is likely the problem will go away if you turn the car off and then re-start it. Unfortunately, if you don't have the car, you can't try it.

Cadillac obviously has these parts, since they are putting them into cars they are currently building.

How do you know you are in 5th gear when you experience the problem?

I tried the restart scenario, it worked once or twice, but each time quickly reverted to upshift. When the manual shift was working you could actually see the gear change in the heads up display directly to 5th.
Have you tried contact your Personal Assistant? If so, having them escalate it? The dealer should be able to escalate it from that end too (regional manager and up)

Personal Assistant no help after you have the car and incur a problem. Passed me on to GM customer service technical. They follow up with dealer, who confirm all that I told him about my problem. After my insistance he found vendor was in France and still waiting their email response. I told him to get ahold of Bowling Green and get the part there from the line. He didn't even know XLR's were built there. I told him that yesterday and today he told me the tech was still waiting to hear from France and he doesn't know if anyone even contacted Bowling Green.
Do you have a contact up the ladder at GM or Cadillac Division??
I know I'm getting the run around and trying to stop it, but having difficulty. I'm beginning to think there is possibly a more serious problem.
Do you have an XLR, and if so, can you check with your dealer as to what I should do?
Check in your warranty manual that came with the XLR. In there is a way to contact your regional rep (also known as the "zone rep"). This is who to start with if you are having problems through the dealership. The regional reps can get a lot done and did for me when I had a serious problem with a past (long time ago) Cadillac. Your dealership can also give you the regional rep's number (and sometimes that also sends a message).

Good luck. The only good news from your post is it seems everyone is sure where the problem is located.

Let me add a couple of items from my original append...First, check your lemon laws in your state. Most states have a specific amount of time that a car may be "in the shop" before you can take action. This may be helpful if the part does not come in soon.

Having said that, the Cadillac division is very conscious of the XLR quality image. It would surprise me if this is not taken care of very quickly once the regional rep is notified. Keep in mind Cadillac has pulled cars off the line because of single defects and these are apparently not sold - which is why some of the forum members have had their VINs changed prior to delivery.

The one exception to that is if there is a design flaw in something where the manufacturer would have to perform a redesign. That just takes time to do a redesign. Since every XLR owner is not reporting the problem, I suspect that a redesign is not necessary in this case (but I really don't know).

Anyway, the best bet is to contact the regional rep and study the lemon laws for your state (although I don't think you'll need to mention those). Also, please append any results that you get.

P.S. If you want to really scare yourself, look on the web for Audi A8 and BMW 745i problems. There are always new model year problems, but those two models, more than others, seem to be using customers as their beta testers (IMHO).
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