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top won't work

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Here I've got this new toy, and I go and impress my fellow car friends, and show them the trick top, only to have it hang up 1/2 way thru its down cycle. What's up with that?
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Top Inop

Welcome, There are a number of mechanical & electrical items that could possibly cause a hang up of the top operation. The number one cause of the top stopping in mid sequence is the cargo partition not being snapped in place securely. Also if the bottom of the partition is not locked into the two lower pins on the floor.

The next most common cause is that the roadster is not on a level surface. If all of the above are in working order and it is above 40 degrees, I would recomend you see your XLR dealer for a resequencing to determine the possible cause.

Thank you
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Damn, your good Allen! I drop or put up the top at a light change which usually gives me plenty of time. I think I'll tape that section so it can't come loose and never, never do it on a hill. I think there is an old Chinese proverb about doing it on a hill. :nodno Boy, talk about sliding down in the seat, and trying to get in the clove compartment.
Hey Harry, Is your face red?
Top malfunction thread


I had problems with my top at first also that were not related to being on a level surface or a loose trunk partition. Because your top sticks half way through the cycle, makes me think the problem is not the partition.

So much has been written about this issue, so I'll post the link and let you browse through it. Remember - locate "Your Tool" and learn to make good use of it. Or you can try "the wiggle" as a simple remediation means.

In my case, a microswitch failed above the windshield, and once fixed, has worked flawlessly.

Good luck and keep us posted.


PS - Read from oldest to newest posts for maximum benefit.
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Top Malfunction

I agree with Aviator that it may not be what I had stated, but the vast majority of issues with the top are partition related. But if the partition is not the cause, that is the reason I mentioned for you to see your dealer after verifying the most likely.

Thank You
top malfunction

Well today the top works perfectly. No one watching. I removed some items from the trunk (that I didn't think were in the way) and fiddled with the partition and the microswitch in the left slot, and it worked fine. I don't think these were the problems when all my peers were watching, but as Ricky used to say; ' Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do'.
More top

I personally had problems with the top operating on a hill, and then I had the microswitch problem.

Dealer replaced it and no problems since.

If the partition is down on mine, the top sequence will not even begin, you get an error message.
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