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To work or as weekend toy?

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I was wondering how many of you use your XLR as a daily driver vs a weekend toy? I personally intend to use the car in the evenings and on weekends - casual fun driving as opposed to taking it to work. Just curious to see what others might be doing?
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Mine is daily driver for touring the USA. left WV july 4th and drove south to San Antonio tx via Tulsa OK. then to Red River NM, Colorado Springs, Aspin CO, thru UT, NV. ID, and back along the canadian border to the great lakes and finally home. guess what? never saw another XLR in 12k miles. did get great service at a cadillac dealer on my first oil change, cost to GM $85.00. gas mileage was max 31.7 out west to min. of 25.6 here in the east. No troubles in the whole trip. top down most of the way. small suit case on front seat. Now have 14568 miles on this car. I think it may be a great vehicle.
Wow! Nearly 32 mpg is awesome even for all freeway driving. :cheers
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