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This would be a nice feature for the xlr in later years...

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Ok, so you know that the xlr's competition is stiff. Mainly though the competition is the mercedes sl, the mercedes sl has one great little unecessary feature (which is great in cars 70,000 + I mean its fun to have stuff you dont need) which is the sunroof in the retractable hardtop. I know what your thinking thats ridiculous a convertible with a sunroof. Yea me at first to, but I think one of cadillacs many aims with the xlr was to have the security of a coupe and then fun of a convertible. And maybe you dont want the top down all you (eg going to a place and you dont want your hair messed up) want is a little sun. I dont know i may sound kinda dumb but I think it would be kinda cool, right?!?!!?!?
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