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This car is to much!

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Just broke 200 miles on the new XLR - almost caused several accidents as other drivers scrambled to see what sort of vehicle I was driving - quite a number of thumbs up and wow's - the stereo system even with the top down is incredible completely superior to that of the C5 Convertible Corvette that I traded (it had a Bose) and even my 2 Escalades (ESV and EXT). I just love this CAR!!! Hopefully this weekend it will be sunny and I will snap a few picks of the light platinum/shale XLR for posting/viewing. My daughters 12 and 14 really love the car as well - my wife teasingly made a comment indicating she thought the car looked like a Grand Am - perhaps I can check her resale value as well this weekend (grin). Lastly, the XM1 station "The 70's" is simply wonderful as well!!
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it only gets better

:party congrats on your XLR it only gets better. I've been doing the same for 6000 miles. :party
Congratulations and we all share in your enjoyment.

The XLR is truly an outstanding machine as evidenced by the majority of satisfied owners who contribute to this site.

Equally important, in my mind, is this forum allows us communicate directly with each other; share experiences and identify any problems related our unique vehicle.

When you reach 500 miles, I would suggest an oil change.

The dealer will tell you that it isn't necessary that early. That's what GM tells them and, of course, the synthetic Mobil oil is expensive.

Insist on it!. I don't care how clean their engine assembly plant is.
Facts are; new engines shed metal parts into the crankcase. Flush those out early with an oil change. It's the most important oil change you can do for the life of your engine.

I have built many racing engines and every car I've owned has had this 500 mile oil change philosophy. My 1974 Datsun 260 Z has over 200,000 miles and still runs like a top.

I trust that the Cadillac Division at GM is monitoring this site.
As a manufacturer, it seems to me that this site is an incredible source for them to validate their market share and make adjustments( almost in real time) to consumer preferences.
The XLR is a breath of fresh air in U.S. automotive innovation.

My hope is that GM will visit and recognize the advantages of this website and capitlaize on the inputs from all of the Forum contributors.

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Oil ChaNGE

I change the Oil in my XLR 3000 Milles. However I had to pay for it. Was not covered under the XLR premium Care Scheduled Maintenance at no charge
Thanks for the advice and support! I continue to be very impressed by the team spirit that this forum and its members display. Feels good to have such a great vehicle and be in the company of some great people as well. Thank you!!!

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