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The V Performance Is Revealed!

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Detroit, MI - As a precursor to the Super Bowl, Cadillac will air the first round of a new ad campaign on January 15 during the NFL divisional playoffs. These first teaser spots, running only five seconds in length, will demonstrate the acceleration rate of their performance car line-up - the Cadillac V-Series.

The V-Series currently includes the CTS-V, the new STS-V, and the yet-to-be introduced XLR-V. Each boasts an acceleration rate of zero to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds. In an effort to capture the feel of five-second acceleration, the commercials will run an unprecedented total of five seconds.

"Zero to sixty acceleration is one of the common measurements in the auto industry when classifying a high-performance vehicle," said Jay Spenchian, Cadillac marketing director. "We wanted to showcase the fact that Cadillac now has three cars that fit into that exclusive category."

One of four spots to run on both FOX and CBS will feature the CTS-V. The spot will open with an overhead view of a section of empty road
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