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The Perfect XLR Wheel Cleaning Brush

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For two years now we’ve been searching for a brush which would do a really good job of cleaning the inside of the XLR standard wheels and, in that respect, have had nothing but disappointment. We’ve tried the ones specifically made for wheel cleaning, but none of the brushes was long enough effectively to reach the inner most part. Also, the wrapped wire frames holding the bristles tended to bend. We even tried several varieties of bottle brushes and one small size commode brush whose shape seemed to hold a little promise.

Well, our searching is over and we wanted to share what we’ve discovered. The Quickie HousePro Contoured Bath Brush #357 is absolutely perfect and it’s as if it were designed for the XLR wheels!

The head fits easily between the spokes; the handle has a good grip, doesn’t bend and puts the brush head everywhere inside the rim; and the head pivots which makes it even more functional. The bristles are firm enough and dense enough for scrubbing, but soft enough not to scratch the wheel finish. The only place the brush can’t reach is between the front brake caliper and the inner rim. Moving the car about 1’ exposes that part of the wheel for cleaning.

Below is the link to the manufacturer’s website. We found the brush in the household cleaning section of a local supermarket.

Happy cleaning and best regards,
Ed and Sandra
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Thank you.

Any tricks for washing the inside of the wheels without removing them?

I have a brush that I use to clean inside and behind the spokes of the wheels. Let's call it what it is! It'a a toilet bowl brush! The trick is to find one that will fit between the spokes of the wheels and is SOFT! The brake dust is awful on the V vented disc brakes! It gets every where on the wheels.
Had the same problem with Lincoln LS's I owned. When it came time for new pads I had ceramic pad put on. Didn't toally eliminate the dust, but was much better than the originals.

Hmmm, ceramic. I'll have to try that. I get tired of all that brake dust.
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