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The Last word in Wheels!!

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A while ago there was talk about aftermarket wheels and tires for the XLR. While a couple of people on this forum have accomplished the task, they did so with trade-offs in ride quality. Well, I have worked extensively on this problem and I have come up with a complete solution without any draw-backs. First, the XLR is simular to the corvette in the off-set needed for the wheels. However, unlike the corvette the XLR has the same size wheels front and rear. In previouse talk about wheels people have switched to 20" wheels. That is a mistake because the tires you need to mount them use extremely stiff (and small) side-wall tires which drastically reduce ride quality. The best way to go is 19" x 8.0 or 8.5 wheels with Michlein 255 X40 tires. I used Foose speedster chrome wheels (standard off the shelve) with a 45 offset. They fit the car great, Look fantastic, and best of all actually increase road handling and ride quality. Also, I had my dealer mount them up for me with the air sensors so the tire preasure monitoring system works and the speedometer does not need adjusting. I cannot stress enough how important it is to traction control, transmissions shifts, and ride quality how important it is to match the orginal wheel & tire overrall size (and weight) as close as possible. The only other way is to be able to reprogram the computer which nobody has been able to figure out on a Cadillac . I will post some pictures soon.
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I also went with the Foose wheels but the Lusso style. 19" seemed to me to be the best size for the XLR with no loss of ride or performance. I will also post pictures ASAP.
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