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Thanks Forum - I'm convinced

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For the past few months, I have been researching, visiting showooms and reading reviews for a new car to replace my wifes 2001 740IL. She wanted something sporty, but elegant - go figure... We looked at the Maserati Spyder, SL500, SLK350 and the BMW6 Convertible. Her favorite of the bunch was the Spyder, but the 390hp with the with paddle shifters was very jerky and not a smooth transition through the gears. I sugested that we check-out the XLR and it was love at first site! For me too.

I, like many of you bought a first year car, 2000 C5 Vette and do realize that things do happen, especially on a car like the XLR that has so many new innovations. I hope that GM has listened to you and that some of the issues you have championed for the '04 have been recognized and hopefully improved upon in th '05.

A few years ago I visited the Corvetted Museum in Bowling Green, KY for the "Gathering" of ZR-1, Calloway and Grand Sport owners. We were given a great special tour of the assembly plant and enjoyed discussions with David Hill the Chief Engineer for the C5 and XLR. The event was awesome, and perhaps the XLR Forum can arrange a similar event. Imagine seeing 100+ XLR's at one place!

In closing, I want to say thank you to the Forum and to the XLR owners who provide honest information on the issues and the car, it is a special vehicle and so are the people that drive them. I look forward to becoming an official member of this Group soon. My dealer is scouring the Mid-Atlantic for a platinum with ebony interior, I can't wait!

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Congrats and Welcome

Pez said:
.... perhaps the XLR Forum can arrange a similar event. Imagine seeing 100+ XLR's at one place!
You and your wife will LOVE this car.

I'm in!

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