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Hey guys... new to the forum here and glad to be a part of the community. :seeya

My XLR has recently developed a problem where temperature begins to overheat only in heavy traffic or idling for an extended period of time. After I return to cruising speed the outside air cools it back to normal between 190F-210F.

Also, there is no audible indication that the radiator fan is turning on after it temp rises beyond 225F in traffic or if the A/C is turned on. The fan does not switch on after the engine is off after a long drive either... even on the extremely hot summer days. Although I know XLRs are said to be modeled after stealth bombers I don't think it's supposed to be completely silent. ;)

I've observed it the past few days and there is no sign of coolant leak. The coolant levels are normal. The radiator was replaced about a year ago from the dealership with no issues up to this point.

I'm heading to the mechanic soon to have him check it out but my gut feeling is that it's either the temperature sensor, radiator fan, or relay connected to it. Could it even be the thermostat?
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