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Temp & Oil Pressure Comments

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has anyone else noted a large variance in oil pressure and coolant temp. (as reported by gauge readings) while in traffic?

I've noticed lately now that the daytime temps are much higher that while on the freeway engine coolant temp reads somewhere around 180 or so but in traffic it runs up above 220.

My oil pressure runs from mid-gauge or higher and drops to nearly nothing when at idle when the coolant temps are high.

Anyone else note this or am I in need of a service call?
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Come on guys, someone must be a gauge watcher like me. Anyone notice anything out of the ordinary, or perhaps it is normal fro this motor/oil/gauge configuration.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
ok, ok, ok
I was initially very concerned about the very wide fluxuations in oil pressure, but never really studdied when it changes. service claims all is fine.

I did overheat and loose a good amount of coolant, though.
"add coolant" indicator came on and required almost a full gallon.

100+ degrees outside.....100+ MPH......A/C on high......but still....
shouldn't it be able to handle the heat????
I think our conditions are similar to some extent, daytime temps here are above 95 degrees, however while moving at highway speeds I don't seem to have a problem, however once you get into stop/go traffic my gauge reading escalates rapidly to well over 220 degrees, and sometimes a bit higher. The oil gauge also shows very low pressure when operating at the high coolant temps.

I've not had the coolant loss issues you've experienced yet, however I did have to add about a third of a gallon to bring the sight-gauge on the coolant tank up to the full mark.

I hope this is not signs of things to come, here in the valley we have not yet seen our normal summer temps of 105 degrees plus.

Anyone else seeing fluctuations like ours, or is this a California thing?
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