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Technical Car Operation

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Owned my car for 2 weeks now and only use it as a toy however I continue to cringe every time I do something for fear a technical issue as summarized below might occur. Has anyone owned their XLR for a period of time where no technical challanges have popped up i.e. top retracting, leaks, brake challanges etc. Sorry Troy if this isnt posted in the right section. Thanks folks.
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Only problem

The only problem I have had is that the top retracted 95% of the way into the truvk then got stuck (this started after flawless operation for 4 months).

It was fixed with a microswitch replacement and nowback to normal.

I thought there was a problem with ignition switch taking you straight to "accessory" with only one touch. But, thanks to this forum,someone suggested that I look at the DIC. When this happens, I get a "Fob not found" message. So, I guess its because I keep the keys/fob in the left pocket and it is out of range sometimes when I turn the car off.

As with most high tech things, it is hard to "break" something by using it.

The top and the brake squeal seem to be the most consistent issues (but others have opined that the brakes are being addressed and that brakes and tops have been issues on other cars of this genre - and just take a bit of time to troubleshoot and fix at the global level).
Sama Sama.

That's Malay for "same same". Only problem has been the top malfunction. (See the thread - same name). Replacment of microswitch fixed the problem. No brake squeal, no oil leak, "no rickshaw, no one-rupee, no problem." Nada. Zip.

And that's a good thing. :yesnod
Coming onto a year with the car and my only visits to the dealer were to say hi!
Glad to hear that there is and XLR out there that hasn't had to visited the Dealer for problems
I've had a few issues but nothing that has kept me from using any feature of the XLR. I really have enjoyed it and have zero regrets on this purchase.

I'm probably a bit tougher on the electronics than some. The engineer in me comes out at times. Despite that the electronics have been very well behaved and I've never had a top problem (retraction or return).

Gm is recalling 2004 CTS, SRX, XLR AND CORVETTES. ALL WILL GET A LETTER FROM GM STATING THAT THE WASHERS USED ALONG WITH NUTS TO ATTACH THE LOWER (sorry about the caps) control arms were made of the wrong material. these washers may fracture and become loose or fall away from the vehicle, making it possible for the control arm to seprate. repair on XLR takes up to 61/2 hours. call your dealer and set up a :cry time and make sure he has the parts on hand. :cry :cry :cry
That recall notice has been pending for some time now, I'm surprised it took them this long to wrap us into the process/solution. My dealer called me some time back and told me he had already placed an order for the parts.
I took mine in on Monday around 1:00pm to have the recall done. After they looked it over they said that they had to do all four nuts but it would take about four hours. So they gave me a Deville to drive. They call me on Tue. at 7:30am saying it was done. They did a nice job of cleaning the car before I picked it up. Seeing as they have to do all four corners it will take about four hours if they only have to do the NUTS.

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