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Suprise XLR !!!

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I was able to pull off a great suprise for my wifes big 50th birthday. We had been talking about getting an XLR but hadn't made the plunge so I got it done at a suprise dinner for her last night. I didn't think I could keep it quiet long enough to suprise her as we had invited about 30 friends and family but we pulled it off with great flare,she was pretty much speachless as the valet driver pulled up in front of the group with a giant white bow on the windshield. She was almost to nervous to drive it home but she managed.
She's been driving it everywhere today and has had the top up and down about a dozen times showing anyone that will watch how it works and can't stop telling how much she loves the car. Hopefully the love affair will continue for a long time to come.

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you did a great thing, hopefully your two loves will last for ever. mine did. :yesnod :cheers :party
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