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Superbowl MVP - XLR

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Interesting thread I came across about last year's MVP "freebie".

Wonder what he will do this year?
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Super Bowl XLR and Questions for Cadillac

It is amazing to me how quickly people (including those on this site) accept rumors as fact. Tom Brady accepted the XLR he got as MVP last year and turned around and donated it to his public high school here in Northern California where it could be auctioned off to raise money for their athletic programs. The idea was a big success. I can't blame him for going after GM if they were using his name and likeness without permission. That's the value celebrities have always had and they all guard this "property" carefully. Why would anyone automatically believe GM behaved properly? And why would anyone believe Brady would believe improperly?

As far as I'm concerned, we should stick to cars on this site. As for me, the 440 HP XLR-V sounds very exciting and I look forward to seeing and reading about the differences between the regular XLR and this version. Questions: When will Cadillac have more pictures to show us? What has been Cadillac's success in selling to the market they have lost to the Germans and Lexus? It is (to me) a depressing site to see the formerly large Cadillac dealer in Silicon Valley trade places with BMW down the street -- the BMW dealership is spectacular and filled with new cars. The Cadillac dealer is in a small, outdated building that's been under construction for months. The other Cadillac dealers here are now selling GMC trucks, Chevies and Buicks.
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