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I finally bought the Costar Bluestar unit for my 2006 XLR. Installation was a piece of cake, just peeled back the grey cover in the right side of the trunk cavity, the Onstar unit is tucked in the front corner. Pull out the two front plugs from the Onstar module (clearly marked as J1 and J2), plug them into the Bluestar unit and that was it. There was some verbiage about possibly having to run a jumper wire on some units but once I went back to their site and printed out the schematic it turned out nothing needed to be done.

Whole job start to finish was less than 20 minutes and I now have perfectly operating bluetooth. Steering wheel controls work just fine, and the unit now comes with an automatic sleep mode so it doesn't drain battery power when the car's parked.

So far I'm a big fan.
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