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I searched lots of related key words and read the threads but don't see that a problem like mine has been discussed on the forum before.

My 2004 XLR started but would not shift out of park.
DIC messages:
- Service ABS
- Service Fuel System
- Service Traction Control System (??)

The gauges were all at zero.
The windows did not "register" -- they usually drop a bit when the door is opened, then wait until the door is closed to go up the rest of the way.
I used the technique described in one of the threads where I was able to press the Start/Acc button twice (with engine off) and shift to Neutral. But I could not start the car in Neutral.

After trying 45 minutes, I gave up on it and got home to my truck. The next morning drove back to my car and it started. Drove it straight to the dealer. They have had it a week but gave up since they can't duplicate the problem and the codes didn't help sort out bad BCM, bad ECM, loose cable, etc, etc.

So tomorrow I'll pick it up and see what happens. Won't go too far from home, though, or park in a spot where I can't leave it for a day.

Anyone experience this?
thank you,
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