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Shifting Hesitation

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Has anyone experienced an issue of their tranny being "out of gear" and their engine free-revving? I can create the situation with a quick tip-in of throttle causing the transmission to downshift, then lifting off the gas, then back into the throttle. The feeling is one of the transmission downshifting and "hooking up", then when you lift off and back on it's as though it dropped out of the gear it was in and simply goes to "neutral" while it figures out what you want. During that time the engine free-revs if you continue to feed it fuel.

Doesn't seem to be that big an issue, just curious to see if anyone else has experienced this.
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Electronic Brain

Might be you are confusing the sensors that learn your driving pattern, habits/pattern.

I've noticed, amongst others here, that when in "manual" mode, with traction-control turned off, the car has a different, flatter ride thru a slalom--when in automatic, the tranny gets all hyper when I first come out of manual, holding gears to redline (without flooring it) and downshifting like a crazy person, until I chill out in automatic mode.

Most of it is subtle (except the downshifting) but you will definitely notice "changes in personality" based on how you drive and play with the manual & traction control--again, you may have confused it--try the same move smoother, without pumping the pedal as fast, it may go away.
I see your point, however what I'm experiencing is a redline rev while coasting. It's as though it's popped out of gear and is waiting for the rebs to drop to a point where it feels safe hooking back up in an appropriate gear based on speed and rpm's. Weird, never felt it in any other auto car.

Hmm, sounds like a trip to the liar, I mean dealer, as long is it's not intermittent, and they can see the problem, it should be fixable....good luck!
Thanks. :thumbs

I like your dealer (liar) analogy...............BTW - have you tried another dealer to see if you can obtain better service? I know out here there is a world of difference between my local Cadillac dealer who is really a Chevy dealer who sells Cadillacs and the dealership an hour away that is a Cadillac dealer who sells Chevy's.

The one who specializes in Cadillacs treats us much better and has several mechanics who work on nothing but Cadillac products. They seem more willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are happy when we leave.
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