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Shale Blue Back? Goldmist really gone?

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:confused I thought light blue was cancelled for 06. Today I stopped by (Sunday) too look over the XLR-V up close and there was a regular (not V ) shale (gray-blue) 06 on the lot. :glol I know it was a 2006 because it had that stupid little square GM emblem in front of the rear wheels. I have the 2007 GM Fleet lease sheet and the XLR is there and GOLD MIST is there but not shale blue.
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aviator said:
Thanks Allen.

I love the new Passion Red color - at least on the rendering.

Now if it just came in the V....
I don't understand why the "hot race color" wasn't used exclusivly on the V to make them stand out from the rest.
ONLY Vs should have come in passion red ........and electric yellow!
Mr XLR said:
It depends on how quickly the 250 sell out,, if people gobble them up, there would be a good case for it to be expanded.


sounds like GM marketing......"if the limited edition sells out....we'll make more!":glol
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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