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:confused I thought light blue was cancelled for 06. Today I stopped by (Sunday) too look over the XLR-V up close and there was a regular (not V ) shale (gray-blue) 06 on the lot. :glol I know it was a 2006 because it had that stupid little square GM emblem in front of the rear wheels. I have the 2007 GM Fleet lease sheet and the XLR is there and GOLD MIST is there but not shale blue.

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Deleted Colors for 2007 & New Colors for 2007

First let me say the color you are describing was called Blue Steel. It was brought out for the 2005 model year and carried over for 2006, but cancelled in December of 2005. So yes a dealer could easily have a 2006 available.

Gold Mist was brought out for the 2006 model year, but discontinued for the 2007 model year.

The new colors for 2007 are:
Passion Red (Only available on the limited edition)
Liquid Amethyst (Only available on the Platinum Edition)

Additional colors are:
Xenon Blue (2004)
Black Raven (2004)
Infra Red (2006)

Interior Colors:
Cashmere (replaces Shale) with Ebony trim accents

To view the new Passion Red Limited Edition, simply go to:

Thank you

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aviator said:
Thanks Allen.

I love the new Passion Red color - at least on the rendering.

Now if it just came in the V....
I don't understand why the "hot race color" wasn't used exclusivly on the V to make them stand out from the rest.
ONLY Vs should have come in passion red ........and electric yellow!
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