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Setting the Parking Brake

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The following instructions are found on page 2-30 of the 2005 XLR owner’s manual:

1. Hold the brake pedal down with your right foot and
set the parking brake.

2. Move the shift lever into PARK (P) by pushing the
lever all the way toward the front of the vehicle.

3. Turn the ignition off.

On page 2-31 it talks about using the preceding method to avoid “torque lock”.

We’ve tried this approach several times, though it’s not exactly an intuitive sort of thing to do, and can never get it to work. It’s only after shifting into PARK that we can get the parking brake to engage.

Any thoughts out there on this subject?

Best regards,
Ed and Sandra
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I recall reading that when I got mine, but I do the same thing you do - Put it in Park, then engage parking brakes, then turn off ingnition.

I don't know what torque lock is, but never had a problem starting out again.
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