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Service Manuals

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Is there any service manuals or body manuals out for the XLR yet?
I need to find out how to open up the console to add a radar detector. I also need to fine 12volts to power it up. I think I can just piggy back the cig. lighter for this but with all the things this car "computer" looks at I am not sure.

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I think that you should connect to the radio 12 v line for your radar detector.
If you use this line, your radar detector will be turned off automatically when you turn off the ignition.
You should be able to find this 12 v line by looking into the fuse panel.
Good luck.
Getting smarter

Helm publication distrutes the service manuals... but GM has not released them as of last week, Check with your dealer they have on line accest to the manuel.
Thats a good idea for sure. I would have thought that the 12 volts in the fuse panel would have been ON all the time and only turned OFF inside the radio. But then I could maybe find the ACC. 12v from the "key switch" and hook on to it.
Do you know how to get the top panel off the console? I am not sure if it is screwed in for the bottom or if they use some kind on clips "some clips are a one time use type" and I may have to get some more to replace them if they are.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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