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About two weeks ago, the 'Service Fuel System' message came up in our driver information center on our '05 XLR. In addition, the fuel gauge read empty, even though we had recently just fueled the car. We called the dealer and he scheduled service. He suggested that we use up as much of the gas in the tank as he was going to have to pull one or both of them to replace the fuel sensor. We got the car back yesterday and when we picked it up, the gauge was reading fine and the message was no longer in the DIC. The work order says that they performed 'PO 463 Bulletin 1725099 Level Sensor Pull Left Tank and Replaced Sensors'. Since we ran most of the gas out of the car prior to taking it in for service, we motored about 20 miles and stopped for gas. I filled the tank and didn't try to top it off like I do on our Tahoe. I can generally get another gallon in the Tahoe when the gas pump shuts off autmatically. With the XLR, when it shuts off, there's generally a bit of fuel that splashes out of the tank at the moment the pump shuts off as the tank if really full when the pump shuts off automatically. Anyway, when I restarted the car, the 'Service Fuel System' error was back again. I've a couple of questions for the knowledgeable people out there.
1. Since we only seem to have replaced the left sensor during service, is it possible that the right one is bad, too?
2. Is the tank just filling up too far and that's what's causing the problem?
3. Should I take it back to the dealer and suggest that it needs to be fixed again?
Thanks in advance for all of the help. This forum has been extremely helpful to me and I appreciate all the help everyone has provided.

Good God man, this is going to cost a fortune in just burning up gas. When you bring it in, tell them you get one more attempt and the third time I bring it in I will asking for a buy back or lemon law it.
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