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Service Fuel problem

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My XLR just started displaying a message to service my fuel soon. This happens in conjuction with my furl tank guage falling to empty (when its not)

Anyone else have this problem?
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I had this problem on a number of occasions with my '99 STS. I found that after shutting down the vehicle and doing a restart rebooted the vehicle computers and it the problem was resolved.

However, we have not as yet experienced the same with my wife's NM XLR.

I can only assume that this has been a periotic event and one that will not occur when you take your XLR to the dealer. If this is the case I would still recommend that you report this to your dealer and let them give your vehicle a physical. It is important to report events, even if the dealer can not evidence them, should there be a massive falure.

Fuel Problem

I would strongly suggest your XLR dealer looks at your fuel sending unit. The unit is most likely malfunctioning on one side of your dual tanks, so it thinks you are out of fuel.

That msg. of "Service Fuel System" is a feature designed in to the diagnostic system. You most likely had a 1/2 tank of fuel remaining.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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