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Service Bulletins

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I'm about to bring my car in for the first time in a very long time and would like to start a thread compiling all the service bulletins I/everyone should be aware of.

I know about the brakes, but don;t know the service bulletin number to identify it.

Any others I/we should have ready when we arrive at the dealership?
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I would like to take a copy of the Service bulletins on Brakes, Tie Rods and Power Steering reservoir, if available.

I seem to recall there being a non-GM website (was it NHTSA?) where they can be viewed, but can't find it in any of the previous threads.
you can get a list of all from the I think this addy was posted in a prev thread
I went to the above site, but that's a bit more information than I need -- 93 Service Bulletins? Yikes! And most of them are about issues never brought up here.
Yes, GM is interesting compared to other manufacturers like Nissan/Infiniti. At least for the XLR, it appears GM is issuing a bulletin for any substantiated issue (including check-out equipment). It makes for long reading the first time. I just check back for updates every month or so.

Is there a way to read the full text of the TSB's? The only thing I saw was a request for the NHTSB to do "reasearch" on the problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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