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September 2003 XLR Production Numbers

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The estimates for the first week in September are 20 production-level XLRs were produced. This brings the estimated total production-level XLRs to 142 XLRs.
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Latest estimates are another 25 XLRs came off the production line for the week ending 9/13/03. The total for September is now 46 production level XLRs.

The estimated number of production level XLRs is now 168 XLRs.
I keep expecting to see one of the regular production ones on the road soon. No luck yet.
The 9/19/03 estimations are in...

For the week ending on 9/20/03, another 25 production-level XLRs are estimated to have come off the assembly line. The monthly numbers have been revised to 72 for September.

This brings the total estimated number of production level XLRs to 194 units, of which 102 would be Neiman Marcus edition XLRs and 92 would be "regular" XLRs.
For the week ending 9/27/03, the weekly production of XLRs was listed as 26 XLRs. The total for September is now estimated to be 100 units.

The total number of production level XLRs is now estimated to be 222 XLRs (not to be confused with Room 222 <--- attempt at humor).
The estimated numbers are looking a little strange again. I suspect these numbers will, once again, change to lower figures.

For the last week in September, which includes part of October, supposedly 70 XLRs were produced (up from 25 the previous week). For the month of September the total is now supposedly 306 XLRs. This is up from 100 XLRs the first three weeks in September. Obviously something is not adding up.

Assuming 306 XLRs produced in September, then the total number of production level XLRs is now 428 units.

I'll update this thread when the revised September numbers appear.
It looks like Bowling Green has ramped-up production. So the numbers listed above have not changed. 306 were produced in September, according to the latest estimates.
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