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Somewhat obvious, but I'm new to the forum and seeking education regarding Tech 2 GM scanner that I've heard about.
I've owned my '06 XLR (base) just over a year.
In layman's terms, what would the scanner allow me to do?

What experiences can you share?.....regarding ease of use; manufacturer; where to purchase; anticipated cost; standard or additional features?

Are there different versions/manufacturers available? Which version(s) would you recommend? and which version(s) should I stay away from?

My check engine light comes on and occasionally goes off - I've flashed it at Autozone and it calls out the crankshaft position sensor, but I've replaced all 4 sensors from RockAuto last year.
I'm assuming the scanner would provide better detail as to engine performance?

I would appreciate any constructive advise/experience you might be willing to share, please?


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