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Saw my first one

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Left work today at lunch in my Escalade EXT - almost drove off the road when I saw a Xenon Blue XLR rolling down the street - I must say that I was disappointed since I believed myself to be the sole proud owner of one - the car is really impressive when you see it from another drivers point of view - if the fellow driving living in the general montgomery or bucks county area is reading this GREAT WHEELS!!

Do you folks in Cali see a decent amount of XLR's crusing around town? :confused
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In all my travels I've only seen one on the road. Doris, my wife caught sight of one on the Strip in Las Vegas a month or so ago.
PlatXLR04 said:
Do you folks in Cali see a decent amount of XLR's crusing around town? :confused
I've seen one on the road only twice
I've never seen one, especially since I don't let anyone drive mine!
XLR on the Road

While driving home on the 60 Freeway East Bound (Hacienda Heights)in My XLR(Crimson pearl) Saw my first XLR (Xenon Blue) . We were side by side for a few seconds.
I've only seen a couple here in LA. I was test driving one today and got a thumbs up from the driver of another convertable roadster. I believe it was a Porchse, but I'm not positive. I'm pretty close to getting one.
DC/Northern VA

I got my Crimson Pearl in April and saw another one that very week (Black) and have not seen another one again, anywhere in the DC area.
Nada in North Houston

I've still never seen one on the road except our Xenon Blue. We are in the far northern suburbs of Houston. I understand from several people that there is also a Crimson Pearl up here as well.

Quixotic, you'll be interested in this. I was at the dealership earlier this week, and they have a brand new NM edition that was just sold on Wednesday. The guy who bought it is taking it directly to the custom shop to have orange flames put on the front end.

I'll try to get a photo.
Saw red XLR on 60 Freeway in Cali

That was me you saw on the freeway the other day! Nice to see (ONE) other XLR in the neighborhood!!
Interesting - I was just back to my dealer because of a problem with the top (same deal as other thread) - he had 3 new XLR's and 3 used XLRs with mileage ranging from 1200 to 6000 - got them from auction - its the most XLRs I have ever seen in one place.
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