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Sadly must request help

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From right stuff,not lately.
Gentlemen,I find myself in a humbling situation.My 2005 base xlr was stolen in San Antonio Texas.Police recovered my vehicle within days, kudos to SAPD.Proceedure is to tow vehicle to impound lot after recovery.The big rub is that by the time I was alerted,the impound lot had accrued a bill of almost 1000.00$. Unbelievable, but in San Antonio, you are victimized twice. First when your car is stolen. Second, when you have to pay to get it back.
I'm 65 years old on a fixed income of zero.The only thing I had was that car.Each day it increases in the amount owed (24 $ a day).
I have been trying to get the monies,but to no success.I don't know if it's correct to ask but I have set up a go fund me site under the heading of Help a Veteran.Soon the vehicle will be auctioned if not claimed.
Not a fake story.I humbly ask for any help possible.To verify story,it's, Texas Towing, San Antonio, Texas,2005 Cadillac xlr,plate # PRD-9085, silver,black interior. I am sorry and embarrassed to askbut have run out of options.
Thank you
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Certainly sorry to hear that. I will see what i can do to help. Comprehensive insurance is really cheap. For othets that may not carry collision insurance you do want to carry comphrehensive. It covers fire, theft, partial theft, hail, falling objects collision with an animal etc. Just a lot of coverage forblittle money
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