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God bless America, where we enjoy constitutionally protected rights.

Free speech, although not absolute, is one of those rights.

Being a member at is not, however, a constitutionally protected right.

The Forum is a private enterprise and its owner has the right to establish rules of behavior for participants. Property rights are Constitutionally protected.

Participants who agree to follow Forum rules, but violate them (either intentionally or unintentionally) sometimes find that their inappropriate posts have been deleted.

A pattern of such defiance of the Forum’s rules/guidelines can jeopardize a member’s posting privileges.

Regarding Post Appropriateness

Keep in mind that many people of both genders and different religions, backgrounds, occupations, sexual orientation, race, etc. read what you post. Sometimes it's funny to post something that may be a bit borderline for appropriateness.

The best test that can be used is this:

When you are just about to submit your post, think about these questions:

"Would you be willing to stand on a podium and read aloud your post in front of a room full of strangers, knowing that everyone can hear you well, even record and re-listen you what you are about to post, realizing that the thousands of folks in the room come from all different backgrounds, religions, races, etc.?

Are you fairly certain your post wouldn't be extremely offensive to anyone (not whether everyone will agree, would they find it offensive)?

Are there no stereotypical groups that you would be uncomfortable saying these things to if you were around a group of just those folks?"

If you can answer yes to these questions, your post is likely not offensive. And if you still answer yes but find your post modified or deleted by the Administrator or Moderator in the future, don't be offended - just respect that it's possible your post may have been offensive and been reported, or was borderline enough to warrant action.
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