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Rough Idle

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Got the recall turn signal lamps fixed last week and everything was fine.

Then, over the weekend, had a new problem develop. The car (2004) started having very rough idle when stopped and acted like it only had 3-4 cylinders when you accelerated from a stop.

No DIC message, then the "Check Engine Light" came on. Called OnStar, they ran diagnostics and found nothing.

Limped home yesterday and into work this morning (never stalled, but acted like it was about to every time you start from a stop). Then, when taking it from work to dealer (2 hours later), it was fine, although check engine light still on.

Left it with the dealer today. Interested to find out what this was.

Anyone else have an issue like this?
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this was happening with my V when I first got it, but it would reset itself when restarted. If I recall, they changed out the ECM to correct it.
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