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My wife and I just returned from a one week road trip with our XLR's. We initially drove from New Mexico to LA. We met a couple of XLR owners and had a great time. The cars handled excellent for the 1700 mile trip and we received a lot of attention everywhere we went. Many people had never seen an XLR, let alone two of them at the same time. We went to the weekly cruise night at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and the two XLR's were the hit of the show. We had a crowd around the cars all evening and demonstrated the features (retractable hardtop, voice operation, keyless features) countless times. We even met people from the advertising agency that has the Cadillac account and had done all the commercials for the XLR's. We then drove to Las Vegas and drove around in the 104 degree heat for a few days. The XLRs were awesome and as we all know, the only drawback is the lack of luggage space. But then you can always do what we do and take two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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