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Road & track agent comfirms 440HP

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I, by any stretch, am not trying to start a rumor, but I was at my local Caddy dealer today and was informed by a salesman that Road & Track borrowed an XLR yesterday, to take pictures of it in a local Southern California atmosphere.
Hey what the hell, it was 85 here yesterday and today.
The photographer and the drivers told him that the same engine (440hp) that is going in the 2006 CTS is going in the 2006 XLR.
Now! Please don't shoot the messenger.:party
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So, the translation is probably A) XLR will get THREE hundred fourty HP and the V will get maybe B) 395 to stay away from the Vette's #'s!

If you go back and read most of the threads about future XLR's, its pretty funny.

The optimism of the owners vs. reality "500HP" "almost guaranteed from reliable sources" vs. 380 actual in the V is my favorite.

I guess if our main goal was HP, we'd be driving Viper RT10's or Z06 Vettes! Most of us can afford them, but chose the XLR (to get maximum, techno-luxury).

I'm not complaining about HP anymore--now that this site taught me how to turn off the traction control AND the stabilitrak, I've been having a blast sliding around corners with incredible balance and controlled skidding--reminds me of my brother's 10 yr old 911 with skinny tires--320 ponies are getting the job done! :cool

Well, ok, I wouldn't complain if my next XLR had 380 HP....

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OK, You shot the messenger.
How did you figure that A was 340 for XLR-V and the CTS-V would be 395? BTW, I've just added what I heard and I have most definitely read ALL threads concerning HP. I would be in favor of 440HP but would want 3" pipes on it.
I've heard 425hp from "the grapevine".. But who knows how reliable that is?
105 increase?..............I think I would go there.
Sorry for the delay

Standby, I just made up #'s slightly lower than the Corvette--no insider clue or anything.
:confused :rolleyes
I hope I'm wrong and your 440 HP info is RIGHT, but I'm still totally skeptical--are they REALLY gonna let XLRV's roast Corvettes at the stoplight???!!!!

Dadonator said:
--I'm still totally skeptical--are they REALLY gonna let XLRV's roast Corvettes at the stoplight???!!!!

At twice the price......why not????
The Z06 will still be at the top of the pile. With 500 horses and nearly as much torque and only 3130 lbs. to push it won't even be close.

The conservative numbers posted by GM place its 0-60 time at 3.9 seconds and its 1/4 mile time in the 11's.
I'm not really looking to do in Corvettes. They are a breed of their own and I have always loved them, but how many Z06's are on the road. If we get a "agressive driving button like the Vette has, we may be able to toasterize most of the vette's. I just want to toasterize the M's and BMW's. This will all be academic in 5 more days. GO PAT"S
Best Guess

So, it sounds like the Z06 will smoke the XLR-V and the base Vette will smoke the XLR, but the XLR-V will smoke the base Vette (at least!?) maybe, um' kinda, sorta.

I just want to know who I'm supposed to mess with at the stop lights....
:cool :reddevil

Actually, in my 04' XLR, I don't suppose I'll be whipping past any late-model Corvette, that wasn't why I bought the car!

Before I bought, I looked at two 2000 Lotus Esprit Turbo V8's one with 1200 miles, and one with 5,800 miles, both pristine, rare, etc. The Lotus is a SERIOUS stoplight dragster at 3.5 seconds published 0 to 60 times, but didn't have the drop top, super-luxury, and couldn't turn off the passenger airbag (I need to tote a kid or 3 around on weekends).

I'm luvin my XLR as is!

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I pulled out the Road and Track too. It clearly states "More important, beneath the skin will be the STS-V's 440bhp supercharged Northstar V-8.
Hey Dadonator,
Why not wipe 90 percent of the cars at a light and like what you drive at the same time. Don't know about you but it's 440 and Crimson Red for me. Deposit is in my slimmy little hand.
I'm not telling anyone, "I told you so", until Sunday..........just in case
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