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Retractable hardtop

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This should make for a pretty sound proofed interior.

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That is a great feature. I wonder how much trunk space is lost when the top is down. :cool

I have seen the Lexus top in action, Rube Goldburg would be proud. however, the trunk looses about 1/2 its usable space.

And don't drop it with something in the way!!! The Lexus top is about $10,000.00!!!!!!
Will all XLRs have this retractable hardtop? How many variations of the car are going to be offered?
I think that they are all goint to be like this.
yes they are.

Like the MB 500SL and the Lexus SC430. Retractable hardtop is standard.

The XLR had best be a fine motor car. The Lexus is SO nice and refined.

I don't really care if the XLR is aimed at the MB or not. Simply because it is 15k more than the Lexus does not make is any better or worse. The Lexus is an impressive car for the $.
Yep. There is tough competition in this market. How much is the Lexus?
$62,500.00 or so.

there are zero options. everything is standard.

Navigation... you name it.... Mark Levinson audio. Standard.

An amazing bargin.

I donno if you remember, but last summer I posted pics of an old Jag I was taking care of. It belongs to a friend who passed away. His widow is now trying to sell it.

Once it is sold, she is getting a Lexus. I took her up to our local Lexus dealer and she took one for a ride. I didn't have that luxury, but man, what a machine.

The interior is so nicely laid out, and, has the advantage of a "back seat". essentially, an upolstered parcel shelf, but it is capable of holding most anything. Add the trunk, and there is quite a bit of storage space.

you might get a child or 2 back there... perhaps Mini-Me, but thats it!

But once the top goes up, the interior is as quiet as a church mouse. dead silent.

This Caddy had best be a world class auto. For what they are asking, they want the loyal Caddy people to invest and lure away the import buyers. It must be special.

oh, and don't forget - It MUST have Lexus level reliability.
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Nifty! :yesnod
vs Lexus retract top

BMW 5 series hammers the Lexus in any department. Prior Lexus owner.
I am curious - how does the BMW do in overall reliablity, vs the Lexus?

The Lexus is tuned more as a luxury cruiser, not really competing against BMW....
retractable hard tops rule. my corvette is a traga top. i just don't like the look of the rag top when it's up, but i love when the top is down. retractable hardtop gives you both look and feel.
Yes, no rag top for a real luxury sports car. Retractable hard tops are the bomb! I wonder how the top affects the handling in each position since the movement of the top affects the weight and balance formula of the vehicle. Will it handle better with the top up or down?
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