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Reply to Troy's Announcement

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Since I can't reply to Troy's announcement...

Well, now that it only takes 40 posts to be a senior member, I guess I'll have to be less snobby :jester Hey, the more the merrier!

I don't see where it says "XLR Pit Crew" though. Can you explain?

By the way, the color of this new avatar (left) is much, much closer to the actual color of the car than the old one.
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hehe. Not everyone has 320 posts yet. :cheers Only about 11 members beat the 40 posts and 90 days criteria.

I fixed the problem with the XLR Pit Crew. :)

This is the first I heard about posting as a criteria for a different status. Where do you find out about this? What are the rules?

When you are looking at a section such as XLR General Discussion you will see an announcement above the other threads. It is titled something like Custom Avatars Available.

Basically, it is a reward for members who have been around for at least three months and have made 40 or more posts. :cheers
I have most certainly been around more than long enough. I just got to work on my post.. :party
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