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Renting an XLR

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Hi all - I am getting married at the end of September and would like to rent an XLR for the day. I will be getting married in the Flint area in Michigan (about 1 hr north of Detroit). Does anyone know of a place around there or even in Detroit where I could rent one?

I'm not sure if even the "luxury" cars of the rent-a-car places would have XLRs.

Thanks for any help.
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We couldn't rent one, so we bought :)

We very very much wanted to do the same for our wedding. We even had a '61 Caddy ragtop limo reserved. But when that fell through, we just broke down and bought one anyway. The day before the ceremony :)

A friend of mine posted about this at:

Good luck -- I never found a single one for rent outside of LV and Orlando...

Yeah, I hear you.

Since I won't be bringing our XLR out to the West Coast for the fabulous run these guys are planning, I'd like to fly out there and rent one for the auspicious occasion.

Unfortunately, there were only (roughly) 2,200 of them made last year. the likeihood of one being avaialble for rent is very small.

Congratulations and best wishes on the wedding. :thumbs

I shouldn't be giving info to some from the maize and blue, but you might check the people selling cars on e-bay. If they have a used one for sale in your area, you may be able to work a deal.

Ohio State 77, 81
Budget Rent-a-Car in Beverly Hills rents lots of exotics (you name it, they got it). Budget may have other locations that do the same.
Thanks for the advice, I will look around and see if anyone in the area has one they're selling.

I'm very envious of you guys, I wish I could afford to buy an XLR. Oh well.

Any more suggestions are welcome, thanks again.
Don't Despair

As a 20 something newlywed in 1975, I was driving a beat up '63 VW beetle. Passengers in the backseat could see the ground going by through a hole in the floorboard. I once had a hitchhiker refuse to get in! :eek

Patience. Your time will come. :)
Well I can't really complain. God has blessed me - I drive a 98 Firebird Coupe. So I guess having one of those @ 20 years old isn't too bad.

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