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Recall on 2004 vett's & LXR's

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Anyone get the recall notice about the brake lines that can rub through in the rear of all 2004 Vett's & LXR's, or can boil the fluid because it's to close to the exhaust?
Wooooooooo is me
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XLR Brake Line Recall

The recall ID#04086-Rear Brake Line Routing - is the one you are referencing. Soon after I purchased my XLR I went to GM's owners site and regestered my XLR by vin #.They will notify you of any recalls or other pertinent info related to your XLR , as soon as it is released. You can find this site at , , to regester your car or any other GM product. This recall was first noticed by me yesterday on this site,I do not go there everyday, so I do not know when it was posted.You will also find, good other info there and the price is right. Tim
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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