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Re: XLR-V Tech PDI Report

I had posted in the technical discussion forum that a friend of mine (an XLR and C6 tech) had done a lot of PDI's (inspections upon delivery to the dealer) on pre '06 XLR's and noted some pretty consistent problems with the Northstar block (see thread in Tech - XLR Problems? for specifics).

I can happily pass on that his first 3 XLR-V PDI's have come up clean with respect to the problems he had seen with the XLR's earlier version of the Northstar.

My Dad's V is at 1k and has been trouble free.

My Vette is under the knife getting a D1 installed, and he was gracious enough to bring his V over so I could rape it on the back roads and get my speed fix. Going on two weeks without my girl...
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