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Rattle indside car

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I have been having a light rattle somewhere in the passenger side of the car. I took it to the dealer and he replaced the speaker unit of the On- Star in the upper part of the windshield. It is a slight rattle whrn I go over slingh bumps or around corners.I have gone over this car with a fine tooth comb. Passenger seat mounting brackets door trim outside console.inside mirror. top and I can find nothing. Any body have any ideas, Have there been any factory notices?
I am open for any ideas. So far nothing has worked.
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mine are the passenger dooor pocket, stops only if I hold it open
and the drivers door window molding near the red light , stops if I pull on it.
3x in and the dealer hasn't been able to correct it. :banghead
very aggravating!!
Rattle Inside Car

Just a thought, retract the top untill it is away from the windshield, Then locate the 2 center locking posts in the middle of the windshiel header. There are 2 Steel/Aluminum sleeves that slightly move up/down while turning on the anchoring post. Try using a very small amount of a Silicone Free lube(Syl-Glide) available at most NAPA or auto part stores, it looks like Vaseline. This will act as a small cushion so the sleeve does not rattle.

Please let me know if this works, I dont know if that is where the noise is coming from but youre description sounds like a client I had. If this does not cure the issue please remove all of the lube in the area.

Thank You
Allen (Mr XLR)

I have a slight ratle as well, but have not bothered to fix it yet.. but i noticed the park assist light casing (where the yellow and orange and red lights are) vibrates on bumps and turns.
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