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Quick Help Needed

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We received the following email this morning:

Hi Ed and Sandra,
I got your email off the xlrforum. I have a question. I am in the process of buying a 05 xlr I live in az and car is in wi they sent me the forms to purchase the car and in the pack was a gm resale disclosure telling the potential buyer that the car has or had a problem. the problem is that the car stalls immediately. it has 9000 miles on it. I don't know what to honestly do, of course I think why would I buy a car with problems especially major like that but I just love the car. I see on the forum some have had the same issue. for some reason the forum will not let me post even when I signed in. Have you guys had any problem like this and what is your feed back on this.
anything will help in my quick decision I have to make I gotta call the dealer at 8 am and ask them why they never said anything before I agreed to buy this car.

And we responded:

Hello Michelle,

Don't take this as gospel, but to us it sounds like the car was "lemoned" - in other words GM had to buy it back. Ask the dealer if that is the situation. It's beyond our comprehension why a problem like you described could not be fixed by a competently trained XLR technician. You also need to know what the warranty status is. By that we mean the Cadillac warranty - is it still in effect (it should be with only 9,000 miles on it)? That could be extremely important with the circumstances you cite. It will be quite difficult to have recourse to a dealer in Wisconsin, regardless of what they may be saying as far as standing behind it. It's the Cadillac warranty that's important.

In our case we've had virtually no problems - certainly nothing of any consequence, but also we should note we only have 4,200 miles on the car.

Since you've had difficulty posting your question on the XLR forum, we're going to put it there for you. Some of the participants, no doubt, will be able to offer valuable insights.

Best of luck to you.

Ed and Sandra
Please offer this lady any advice you believe will be appropriate and helpful.
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run from the deal!

not only that it has a major problem ...that they can't fix, but the fact that they were not up front about it is serious cause for concern. There are plenty of great deals on this car to be one that runs!
I would be afraid to buy this car. In many states, the Lemon law applies only to new cars, not used ones, so if a dealer sells a buy-back vehicle, the new owner is not covered the same as a the purchaser of a new car.
The issues as I see them are:
1. Is the car still under THE ORIGINAL FACTORY WARRANTY???
2. IF SO; WHY Doesn't the dealer fix the stalling under warranty --no cost to them and no cost to the customer.
3. IF THAT can't be done as has already been recommended MOVE ON!!! There are a number of DEALS out there ESPECIALLY at this time of year.



If the car has been bought back by GM (lemoned), when it is resold it should come with the balance of the Cadillac warranty in effect. If not so lemoned cars from GM, at least in California, come with a bumper to bumper 1 year warranty.

Haven't experienced your problems with the XLR but a competent trained tech ought to be able to solve it.

Good luck.

BTW in past I purchased a lemoned GM car and never had 1 problem with it over the several years I owned it.

Merry Christmas
Why would someone living in Arizona want to buy an '05 XLR from a dealer in Wisconsin in the first place when there are plenty of '05's out there in locations much closer? Obviously the GM disclosure letter is a real red flag and I wouldn't go near it with a ten foot pool, regardless of price.

If this inquiry is real, have the inidividual e-mail me off line and I'll tell them where they can purchase a very nice '05 without any "disclosure issues".
If she hasn't closed the deal yet I would suggest saying no sale. The car has been lemoned and who knows what some dealer did to it trying to get it right. She should check they usually have a couple in stock and have great pricing. If she still wants to go through with it she should take it to Lund on Bell Road for service, definately not either of the Coulter dealerships. Lund owns two other dealerships, Kachina and Legends but they move the most XLR's out of their main store.
Here's a follow-up message from Michelle:

Ed & Sandra,

I thank you for posting my concern on the site. I still can't get into it.
I called Cadillac this morning and they were not that helpful, they said they could not disclose any info about the car to buyers!!!!! I told them I just wanted to know if there had been any recall or what would I have for a warranty. They told me if there was such a great demand it would have been issued by some highway & road people.

I then talked to the dealer they said when they bought the car they were told some part called the pcm was replaced. They pretty much reassured us that the car if it has the same problems Cadillac stands by their products and takes care of their owners. I also have a friend of the family who does allot with dealerships and knew of this dealer and backed them up and said the same thing about the car and Cadillac. (buy-back) i know i read about some other people having the same problem i was hopeing they were on so i could see if their matter had been resolved.

We went ahead with the deal as crazy as it sounds.I know there are probably alot of perfect xlr's out there... I searched for this car through I was looking for a specific color inside and out. only could find 4 none in az.. closest to me was tx. but went with wi instead not knowing until I was sent papers to sign did they disclose the info. they told us that they didn't even have to disclose that info because the title is not branded (meaning its not a lemon.) they were being honest!!! they told us that if we ever sold it we wouldn't have to either. I appreciate all your help in my matter. I hope to have many enjoyable years out of my xlr. I enclosed a pic of it.
happy holiday's
I hope you get your posting problem strightened out may be needing us again :rolleyes
She Needs To Realize That She Shouldn't Accept That Car If It Hasn't Been Fixed Properly--safety Issues.

If She Insists As Part Of The Sale That They Write A Service Order To Correct The Problem Under Warranty And Tell Her In Writing That It Has Been Fixed, She Can Then Bring It Inot Her Local Dealer For Repair.

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