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questions for those who've taken delivery...

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One of the interesting things that I've noted re: the XLR is that the literature tells you virtually nothing about the technical details of the vehicle. And I'm referring to the large format brochure. It seems to be more in line with the original Infiniti marketing of stones and leaves.

Dealers, likewise, seem to be the last to know.

For those already in the driver's seat, a few questions:

The literature mentions a built-in phone, but goes no further. Is there a built-in phone that comes with the vehicle, or is this part of the OnStar setup?

We are offered no night views of the interior. How good a job has GM done with the interior lighting as far as gauges and controls are concerned?

How well does the GPS function and how is the quality of the display?

As an aside, I first saw the XLRs in LA several weeks ago.

One dealer had three in stock. A thunder gray was sold while I was there. I was about to purchase one without a test drive (based upon reviews), until the saleman had a chat with his manager and returned with a number of 12.5 over list, placing the vehicle into SL territory, and less than a favorable deal.

Returning east, I found a local dealer with unsold allocation and an offer of MSRP. A deal was struck.

Concurrently, I visited my local MB dealer to see what stock they had on new SLs, and was shocked to find an '03 on the floor (discounted) and more than half a dozen new available and ready for deals.

Prices on the new SLs are no longer holding as they were as they seem to now be more than plentiful. An '03, with 5k miles which had a list of 100 can now be had for 85. Not exactly a prime investment.

Unless GM starts flooding the market with XLRs, which hopefully they won't, this could be the car of the decade for residual values.
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I can't tell you how much I like the XLR better than the SL. If nothing else, the Navigation is so much easier to use and the seats are much more comfortable. But the best is the difference between air conditioned seats and seats the simply blow air.
That's what I thought. The phone is analog. Which brings up an interesting dilemna. In the next few years, analog cell sites will slowly dissappear. Mercedes is already replacing analog phones in their cars with digital ones. What is Caddy gonna do?
Static? Did you --dfjoiert3xckjbsc56#Z^*&^(*^*( nbvwer983bv-- say static?
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