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Questions about ignition switch operation.

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When can the engine be turned off? Only in Park? While rolling?
Can ACC mode stay on with the door open?
What do you do with the switch to change between Run, ACC, and Off?

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You can only turn it off in Park, I haven't tried in neutral when rolling.. but maybe. ACC will stay on with the door open, but there is a chime with the driver door open letting you know that it is in ACC mode. You just push the bottom of the button to change from run to acc, then press it again to go off or back to acc. You push the top of the button, the round part with the crooked arrow to turn on.
There is also another mode, if you hold the button in the lower position (off acc) for 10-20 seconds the ignition will be "on" with the engine off. This is the same as turning a key to the on position without starting it on all those outdated cars with keys. It is mainly used for dealer diagnostics, but if any dealer wants to replace a module for not communicating, check to make sure they did this. Modules rarely fail....
Turns off when moving

70 mph on crowded freeway, in the high speed lane, reach down with right hand to scratch leg, OOPS! - accidentally hit the switch & shut down the engine. DIC tells me to put it in park and step on the brake to restart - RIGHT. Luckily I managed to get over to the right and come to a stop while angering only two dozen or so drivers. The glitch was reported through customer service, the feedback was that this was "within normal operating parameters". HUH?????

In the software world, we call this "User error".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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