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Prototype (supercharged??) XLR -

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Hey guys,

I was out grabbing breakfast this morning and this xlr caught my eye. It was a Michigan M plate car. It had a 3 inch cowl hood on it (narrow cowl, made it look like the batmobile) and dual 3 inch exhaust exiting out the back. I took two pictures of the exterior with my phne (I will forward if some one can post them).

Anyone have an idea f what I was looking at?
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First thought is that you were looking at an XLR-V pre-production model. The pictures will help...
Posting pictures-

I sent you a private message giving you my e-mail address. I will post the pictures for you if you wish.

But it is probably just as easy to post them yourself.

Just hit "Post Reply", and a reply window pops up. Write a short message and scroll down to "manage attachments" button. You'll be able to browse to the file where your pictures are located. From there its simple to upload them.

However you wish to convey them, I'm looking forward to seeing the Batmobile. :cheers

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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