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proper tire pressure

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undefinedi 2005 xlr--- what is the best tire pressures other than factory recomended ,that give the best ride-- -- the in dash tire pressure indicator showes the same pressure for both front and rear but changes approx 3 lbs after only being driven a few miles in 60 degree temps---is this normal?
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The temp rise you describe is normal. As the tires heat up the air they contain increases in pressure. On hot days you will see an even higher rise in temp as you drive. I run 28lbs in mine cold, don't know about everybody else. I'm not as interested in wear life as I am in ride and traction gain, 28 lbs. seems to be about right for me.
Previous thread

Allen noted in a previous thread that 31 was the proper cold pressure.

Not sure where it was, but I do remember it.
Should be a sticker inside the driver's door jamb. I think mine says 30.
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