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Production numbers

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Does anyone know what the actual production numbers
on the XLR will be?
How do I find out what number my car is?:party
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Here is the way I figured out mine was somewhere close to number 950. First, keep in mind that the VIN includes pre-production and pulled-from-release XLRs. So, it is not a good indicator of the total number of production-level XLRs.

Once a month I get the official GM numbers for production and post them on this forum. I also used to get Autoweek weekly estimates, but really the monthly numbers will help more.

For your vehicle, you'll need to know when it was produced and ready for shipment. There is probably a few days slack in that date, so you can only do an estimate.

If you have that and then the total number produced at the end of the month of production, you can estimate where you're XLR fits in the queue.

I think you missed the question asked, i.e., How many XLR's are going to be built for the '04 Model Run?

I've not been tracking this of late so maybe you would like to take another shot at answering floridart1's question.

DFXLR, thank you! I did indeed miss the question.

I haven't heard an official answer to that question, but the numbers seem to be leaning towards the 2,700 range (with Neiman Marcus XLRs included).

At this time I can't confirm or disconfirm your anticipation of 2,700 XLR units. But stay tuned someone out there will respond. I will attempt to get with my sources in the next few days and let you know what I learn.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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