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Production number for June of 2003

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I purchased a used XLR, it was built 6/2003. I would like to get the Production Run number. I know Corvettes have their Production Run numbers available on the internet, after providing the Vin. number. Is this service available for the XLR.
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I thought only pre-production models were made in June 2003?? The Neiman Marcus editions were only delivered in Sept 2003 and they were supposedly the first off the assembly line. Did the sticker on the door say June 2003??
The Date in the door is 06/03. I believe the car is pre production because the sticker had " CAR PILOT" on the sticker for dealer to whom delivered. I work for General Motors in Baltimore and purchased the car in Michigan from General Motors. I've had it for one month and gave up a '03 vette coupe for it....I have no regrets. I still have not seen another XLR on the road.
Wow! That is a pretty rare XLR, which is a pretty rare car.

To answer your question I don't think that program exists. However, I suspect that a call by a dealer to the Cadillac Div could get the answer you are looking for.
6/03 Build Date

Actually that is not uncommon at all to have a build date of 6/03. The term Pilot is used for sellable retail vehicles that are used for initial quality control before they are released to the dealer organization.

In April 2003 when I was at the Phoenix Raceway we were driving XLR's with early vins. All of those vehicles could conceivably have eventually been brought up to current standards by Cadillac and sold to dealers.

Thank You

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