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Problems with 2005 XLR

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Hi I got my new Blue Steel XLR on Thursday, late afternoon. On Friday morning the engine light came on and stayed on, I talked with OnStar and they said that it was an issue with, now I can't remember which, the power train or the drive train, command module. I have been having problems starting it and today, the engine light never even came on, even when I started it, then it came up with charge system fault. It is going in to the dealer tomorrow morning to see exactly what is wrong with it. Other then that it is really a great car.
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This is the second person to report a "charge system" fault.

They found a ground lead had been disconnected somewhere.

Let us know what the problem was, when the dealer gets it fixed.
I will. It should be ready today, at least I hope it is.
Other problems

I have had a few "little" problems crop up and will be taking in my XLR next week.

Anyone else had these:

1. With top down, the auto-up feature of the driver's window does not work properly. The window reaches the top then immediately heads down again. It works fine with the top up.

2. Occasionally, I come out to the car in the morning, and the courtesy reading light on the reaview mirror are on, before I get into the car. I've tried to find whether this is a safety feature (lights on as you approach), but can't seem to find it. If so, the lights are only intermittent.
Window retracting

The problem with your window is that it needs to be reset. With the door closed and the top up, press and hold the window switch in the up position for 5 seconds when the window is all the way up. This step can be repeated for the other door glass.

This is designed into the system, any time the battery is dissconnected or for any reason power is disrupted. This would also need to be preformed if their was work done on the door glass.

Thank you

Thanks, Allen, I'll give it a try.

They must have disconnected the battery when I had it in the shop a couple of montghs back (guess they didn't do the resetting).

The courtesy light thing is not normal, is it?
Dashboard Light control

Hi EyeDoc,
I am not saying this to be cute, but over 50% of my clients always seem to forget about the light switch on the dash. I show them during the walk around again at delivery & the still seem to forget it's there.

I think some people accidently hit the switch when going to their Options Button, EyeDoc I am not saying youre doing this but it could be a possibility. Of course it needs to be a concerted effort to activate the controls at the rear view mirror.

The lights are part of the auto lighting when the door open button is depressed on the remote or the door switch.

Thank You
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I'll check

I'll check again, but this was just coming out to the car in the morning (in the garage), not hitting a open door button (and before I get closer than 10'.

Let me see if I can trouble shoot this one.

Thanks for the tip about window.
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